3,000 articles on Viajablog


We can write better or worse, photograph in low or too much light or provide more or less data; but if there is something that I think characterizes Viajablog above all else is passion. Passion to know, passion to learn, passion to tell, passion to communicate.

Passion. This is the key that has made today we fulfill 3,000 articles in Viajablog. Without it, we probably wouldn't have reached 30.

In our case this passion has been echoed through our travels. And is thatif there is something that we are passionate about above all else is traveling.

Because traveling is learning. Traveling is understanding. Traveling is discovering. Traveling is sharing. To travel is to live. Travel is to exist.

One day 8 years ago I started a trip that took me around the world for 1 year. With the perspective given by time, I cannot imagine a better experience than this for training and personal growth.

Today, those children who cleaned shoes in the Plaza de Armas de Sucre to win a pair of Bolivians, are still present in my memory. In fact I think they will always be.

Those children who returned home from school rushed to do their homework, helped the mother with the housework and, after feeding with a piece of bread, grabbed the pots to spend the afternoon cleaning shoes in exchange for a few cents of euro, they made me see life in another way.

Some will say that for that it is not necessary to go to Bolivia, and reason is not lacking. In my case, luckily or unfortunately, I needed it.

Those children of only 7 years continue to inspire me in the day to day. In what I do, in how I behave, in what I think, in what I feel, in what I want.

And this is what traveling means to me. And Viajablog. And the 3,000 articles published so far. And the 3,000 items that will follow.

Because those of us who have traveled, in my opinion, have a duty to share what we have seen, what we have experienced, what we have felt, to shout at the 4 winds that there is no better way to understand the world or yourself than through travel.

So taking advantage of the event, I want to say the most sincere thanks to all those who through their personal blogs are dedicated, such as Viajablog, to haranguing the staff, to motivate, to provoke, to inspire, to make believe.

From here I send a hug Rafa Pérez, Inés Fernández, Paco Elvira, José Ramón Álvarez, Carmen Teira, Iván Marcos, the rock of 3viajes, Judith Rivero, Ángel Martínez Bermejo, Paco Nadal, Pau García Solbes, a José Luis Sarralde, Jordi Busqué, José Miguel Redondo, Juan Antonio Martínez and many more who will forgive me for not being mentioned but to those who thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your travel experiences with tenacity, with enthusiasm, with dedication and, Above all, with passion.

Because the great news is not the 3,000 articles that Viajablog has reached. The great news is the person who reads what we have written and tells us that after learning about our experience the doubts are left behind and he starts his way.

At that momentthere are no words that live up to what we feel.

3,000 moments, 3,000 stories, 3,000 dreams.

3,000 articles on Viajablog. And that they be many more!