The best viewpoints and views of Lisbon


In any city with endless slopes, with hills around the center, with stairs leading to different levels, you will walk, walk and much. Apart from improving your fitness, another positive part is that on each hill you will find viewpoints where you can enjoy different perspectives and discover the best views of the city.

It is the case of Lisbon. The Portuguese capital sits on seven hills and the mouth of the Tagus River. From its highest areas you can see different scenarios, hidden faces of the most emblematic buildings and hawk views of the places you have been walking through Lisbon before.

To discover the secrets of Lisbon as well as the different excursions that you can do around it you will need a few days. If you only have one weekend, it is best to concentrate on the main points of the city and for me, its viewpoints do not escape from that privileged list.

Here are some of the viewpoints we visited in Lisbon and enjoyed its best views:

The Viewpoint of Sao Pedro Alcantara

Bairro Alto

Views from the viewpoint of Sao Pedro de Alcantara

It is a very touristic viewpoint in one of the most charming squares in Lisbon. It is formed on two levels with gardens and there is a small kiosk where you can have a snack and enjoy the place. It is very close to the Príncipe Real garden and can be reached through the elevator that bears the same name or just walking through the Bairro Alto.

From there you will enjoy views of the Castle of Sao Jorge, the nerve center of Lisbon, Chiado, adjacent areas and other viewpoints such as the Mirador de la Señora del Monte in Graça.

The Santa Justa Elevator


Figueira Square from the Santa Justa elevator

An elevator in the heart of the city? That is the first thing I thought when I found myself face to face with the Santa Justa elevator. The slopes in Lisbon are so pronounced in certain areas that it became necessary at the beginning of the 20th century to design an elevator that linked the Baixa Pombalina and Chiado neighborhoods.

Today tourists can make use of the Elevator. The entrance costs 5 euros and will leave you in one of the areas with the best views of the city since you are very close to the center and you will get great views of the castle, the Tagus river and central squares in great panoramic views such as Figueira Square.

He bonus track from the elevator you will find it just upon reaching the last floor. At your back stands the enigmatic church of Carmen with its structure destroyed by an earthquake that devastated the city in the mid-eighteenth century. The entrance will cost you 3,5 euros and your visit is worth it.

The Mirador de la Señora del Monte


Views of Chiado and the Castle of Sao Jorge