Testing the neoCollection experience at the neoRiviera of Costa Cruises


The neoRiviera ship docked at Valletta

I am of those who think that the theme of travel is not like other facets of life. In these decades of earthly time granted by a supreme Being to take advantage of them in a human skin, many insist on sulphuring and getting into a shirt of eleven rods when choosing between Madrid or Barcelona, ​​left or right, police or thieves (in Spain this doubt is not given much and the people above clearly bet on the second guild), liberals and conservatives ... And even between Apple and Android. When traveling you don't have to be so jealous and choose colors, but, as Sabina would say, "You have to try everything".

This was the main reason that led me to embark on the ship neoRiviera of the company Costa Cruises.

Anyone who has followed me a little during these long years that I have been writing on Viajablog, knows perfectly well that I am a lover of improvised trips with the backpack behind my back and I reward nature and human experiences more than cities and schedules with schedules . However, after a first and satisfactory cruise experience, a couple of years ago (in Costa Fortuna), I decided to take advantage of this second invitation from the number one cruise operator in Europe.

What attracted me this time was the differences that they proposed to me regarding the regular cruisel.

The neoRiviera is one of the three ships that Costa uses in its elaborate routes within a new cruise concept: the NeoCollection. The other two fairy godmothers who care for this Sleeping Beauty are the neoClassica and the neoRomantica. The three vessels are smaller in size and openwork, giving them the structural advantage of being able to access small ports that are banned from the colossi of the fleet. And like so many other things in life, the delights of it are usually found in small containers.

I sailed the seas for five days in the Costa neoRiviera and here I leave my experience in the points that set it apart from any other cruise conventional:

The Natural Reserve of Lo Zingaro, in Sicily, is one of the places we saw on land

Different and more personalized excursions

I begin with the things that happen on land so that the transition to the sea is less traumatic for those who don't get along with the god Neptune.

Many people who think about taking a cruise have certain problems with the theme of excursions. The main complaints They tend to be: little time on land and many people in the group. That did not happen in the neoRiviera.

Costa offers its clients almost-a-la-carte excursions. Being able to enter smaller and less common ports, they have access to excursions other than those offered by most companies. They try to get closer to the nature, gastronomy and culture of the destination and, sometimes, also to their nightlife, as there are routes that incorporate overnight stays in the port.

And all this without feeling one more sheep of cattle. Groups do not exceed 25 people, offering the option of private excursions and incorporating the figure of “Excursion Advisor”For those who want to design their own route on land based on the advice of an expert.

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In our case we visited a beautiful nature reserve in Sicily and discovered part of the Templar history of the monumental Valletta in Malta. I will talk about these experiences in individual articles.

One of the desserts we tried in Sicily. They were stuffed with ricotta and chocolate. Spectacular