The best excursions to do in Berlin


Since the fall of his infamous Wall, back in 1989, Berlin has been transformed into a modern capital where art and culture are more than welcome. If you add to that its rich history and its importance as the capital of the country that acts as a European locomotive, Berlin is a city that you cannot miss.

I visited the city, for the first time, In the winter of 2015 and the truth is that I was wanting more, especially to see their parks in spring.

Alternative neighborhoods, museums, concerts, huge parks, scars of the bloodiest war that humanity has contemplated - and another that not to be called "cold" left the world indifferent - ... Berlin has a lot to offer and you will need at least a week to explore it with some depth.

For this, I propose some of the best excursions in Berlin.

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Potsdam excursion

Precisely, an activity that usually appears very high among the best excursions in Berlin, is a trip to the city of Potsdam, which is about 35 km from the German capital.

Potsdam is, in fact, the work of the great German emperor Frederick II. A beautiful combination of nature and history. Here the Potsdam Conference took place, in the summer of 1945, in which the allies decided the future of Germany and Europe after the victory in World War II.

Gardens, palaces and universities on the best day trip from Berlin.

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The Berlin Wall and the city during the Cold War

Shortly after the end of World War II, the world entered into another less bloody conflict, but almost as destructive. The east and west blocks showed their division and confrontation in a totally tangible way: with a wall.

The Berlin Wall is the work of shame and foolishness of the human being. We visited part of the Wall, those that artists have been decorating with authentic frescoes over the years, after the fall of it.

Further, the Bernauer Strasse Memorial It extends over almost a kilometer and a half, to tell, through photos and testimonies, the history of this world symbol.

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Guided tour (with guide in Spanish) in Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate at sunset (Pixabay)