Travel Blogger Calendar 2013: help the Aladina Foundation


There are people who at the end of the year are dedicated to making purposes of change for the better. Today I will help you meet one of them. I may not be able to convince you to stop smoking, join a gym or go on a diet but you know? I think I can make you a better person.

Everyone, I the first, we suffer bad times During the year and in those outbursts we do or say things that hurt the people we have closest to us, the people who love us the most. There is no going back, there is no way to go back in time and bite our tongue. Whats said, is Daid. But I have a trick for you.

No, I have not discovered a cosmic paradox nor have I been the lucky recipient of extraterrestrial technology. It is much simpler than that.

Travel Blogger Calendar 2013: a project to help the Aladina Foundation

Although there is no way to "erase" those bad moments, I will offer you the opportunity to do something selfless, supportive and Least effort.

I give you the opportunity to make a child smile. To a sick child.

You don't have to paint your face, others do it daily for you. You do not have to learn magic tricks neither memorize jokes nor attend acting classes or learn to play with a console. In fact you do not even have to leave home, others will dedicate their time and energy in your place.

They are the volunteers of the Aladina Foundation, who spend their free time in hospitals. What sounds weird to spend hours like this? But they are this dedicated to their work and the children you can make smile are admitted there, receiving treatments to fight cancer.

Cancer. What a word. There is no one to listen to it and not recover some sad memories of a relative or friend who suffered it and could not overcome it. Although there are people who have achieved it and at the Aladina Foundation they try to ensure that the children they work with are in that group, as in the case of Adrián.

Imagine being 14 years old and start to suffer pain in the side. An endless litany of tests and analysis begins and you spend more time in hospitals than in class (which, in reality, is not fun). Finally doctors can name the pain: Ewing's sarcoma on a rib. Your body confronted itself, the enemy within you. Outside are the volunteers of the Aladina Foundation, around you while you undergo months of chemotherapy and an operation to eliminate carcinogenic remains. You can finally come home and forget the experience.

It's not like that. The tumor reproduces and you return to the hospital for a new treatment that includes a Marrow transplant. Your mother is a compatible donor and the operation is a success. You are now 18 years old and have a lifetime ahead.

Aladina Foundation Website

The case of Adrián is just one example of the type of patients that volunteers from the Aladina Foundation help with their presence, workshops, games and humor. And they need too financial assistance to sustain this important project.

12 Spanish travel bloggers (6 girls and 6 boys) have decided to help them completely selflessly. As travel bloggers are only rich in experiences but not in money, we decided to pose all on a calendar and what is collected will be entirely dedicated to the Aladina Foundation. That's where your small contribution comes in and the opportunity to end the year 2012 being a little better person knowing that, for only 6 Euros plus shipping, you are helping many sick children.

If you think it is easy to pose for a calendar, you should know that we have done it nudes. Although the calendar is suitable for minors, each of us went to the study with some representative object of a country and used it to, say, suggest more than show.

We have posed naked because we thought that gave a more sympathetic and original touch to the "Travel Blogger 2013" calendar (the travel blogger's calendar). That I do not say that my classmates do not have a guy that I envy and my classmates some ways that raise passions but I assure you it is not easy to undress in front of a camera.

To help us break shyness, we have the collaboration of two excellent professionals of the photography that had the patience, imagination and good work necessary for us to feel comfortable and relaxed in the studio. If it had not been for Miguel Páez and Alberto Rodríguez of the Travel in Shots association and the Fotea Studio photo studio, what could be tense moments (undressing in public? So that they take pictures of you?) Became fun situations (there is no how to laugh at oneself).

"Patience" is a term that I can't help but notice because the sessions took place in Madrid and have I already told you that we are travel bloggers? Because that complicated everything and for many months we had to square agendas so that in our trips from Zaragoza, Alicante, Aviles, Suances etc. To Madrid to travel to other destinations you could take time for the corresponding photos.

Who are you going to meet on this calendar? Here you have the months, bloggers and blog in which they tell their traveling experiences:

January: Antonio Aguilar (//

February: Sara Amata (//

March: José M. Redondo “Sele” (//

April: Alegría Salvador (//

May: Víctor del Pozo (//

June: Cristina Venegas Méndez (//

July: José R. Pérez “Avistu” (//

August: Inés Fernández Tuesta (//

September: Pau García Solbes (//

October: Laura García Salazar (//

November: David Esteban “Flapy” (//

December: Carmen Pérez del Olmo Teira (//

To get the calendar (which, you know, has a cost of only 6 Eur plus shipping), you can fill out a small form on the Travel Blogger Calendar website. We use the Postal service and for greater security and to provide more facilities, payments are made cash on delivery.

We also want to reward your help in the project and among all the fans of our Facebook page we will do several draws of gifts that we will keep you promptly informed.

The project to help the Aladina Foundation with the “Travel Blogger Calendar 2013” ​​soon attracted the attention of several companies that have not doubted in sponsor it. Thanks to them we have been able to meet the external expenses of the project (I repeat that neither bloggers nor photographers are going to take us a single euro for the time, energy and materials needed).

The companies that have helped us with this project, and to which we thank their contributions to see the light, have been: