Ten cool words that the SAR would have to include in its dictionary


I recognize it: since I began to take the taste of this to gather words with more or less criteria (it is not for me to decide whether I have it or not), I've always been a little Taliban for grammar and spelling. For this I have always been a classic.

For that reason I cannot prevent my eyes from bleeding when I read the news of the new approvals of "words" (yes, friends, "word" is accepted) by the Royal Spanish Academy of Language.

True, language is a living entity that is evolving and must adapt to the society that uses it. We can't be speaking today as if we were Captain Alatriste, but from there to accept words like “albericoque” or “change” already goes a long way.

On the other hand, there are the anglicisms whose pronunciation in Spanish has been standardized - such as “güisqui”, “bluyín” (from “blue jeans”) or “homer” (from the English word “home run”, related to baseball) - and the words that derive from centuries ago, as "otubre" and "conceto".

And the changes, of course, will continue. The agency Evercom Life, specialized in communication, public relations and digital strategy consulting, has performed a study that shows the following list of words (or words), which, due to the significant increase in their daily use, are candidates for acceptance by the SAR In the not too distant future. Some, how could it be otherwise, are related to the world of travel and social networks:

  1. Ambientazo: It refers to the characteristics of a place that, because of its decoration, the context and the people who frequent it, becomes essential. It can be applied to bars, restaurants, music festivals or even home parties and tourist places.
  2. Pelazo: Since we speak of words with augmentative suffixes, we cannot forget this. La Vecina Rubia has already collected signatures so that the SAR can include it, since it is another element of personal style and a term they use from shampoo ads to newspaper articles and of course, influencers ... The truth is that it is a word that me, who has been balding and kidnapping me since I was 27, it doesn't concern me much.
  3. Influence: difficult to define this term of which I am nothing friend. But I suppose it refers to that person who has some influence in social networks and, above all, in the digital world. Maybe you end up accepting your Spanishized version, "influenser."
  4. Instagram: It refers to the “post” action (a word that exists but does not refer to uploading content to the network, at least for the moment) on the Instagram social network. With the madness that is currently in this social network, I believe that this word will be in the pages of our dictionary in a very short time.
  5. Fit: be fit or in the right measure of something. In addition, although of English origin, you will not need adaptation. In Spain, the fitness It has become almost an obsession, so it won't take long to get up.
  6. Polyamory: This enemy practice of monogamy involves maintaining intimate or loving relationships with more than one person simultaneously. We are in times of free love, so we support the motion with enthusiasm!
  7. WowTrip: This anglicism born from the union of the term Wow and the word travel in English has become popular as a synonym for surprise travel. A new dynamic in which the traveler does not know what his destination will be until he is at the airport and that is increasingly practiced.
  8. Flexivegano: It guides food for vegetables and fruits by limiting the consumption of animal proteins. Another word that I will not apply. As healthy, but everything.
  9. Sorority: It refers to solidarity and harmony among women. An increasingly known and recognized movement in a society that fights for equality.
  10. Casoplon:Have you seen my house? Well this is the opposite.

Do you contribute any more?