The 5 best islands in Thailand


Thailand It is the most visited country in all of Southeast Asia. Its good infrastructures, spectacular quality / price ratio, tasty cuisine, good people and the richness and cultural and landscape variety are largely to blame for it.

However, most people who visit Thailand makes him attracted to his Beaches and its many paradise islands.

exist two main areas through which these islands are dispersed: the Gulf of Thailand (in the east) and the Andaman Sea (in the west).

The best gulf islands in Thailand

How to get to the gulf islands of Thailand

Although there are several boarding points, the main port to take a ferry that takes you to the islands of the Gulf of Thailand is that of the town of Surat Thani.

The vast majority of travelers arrive to this port by taking a night bus that leaves from Bangkok. You arrive at the jetty at dawn and, after a short sleepy wait, you ride a ferry that stops at Three main islands: Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phanghan.

Another option - which does not always have to be more expensive - is to take A flight to Ko Samui airport.

Ko Phanghan

The most famous island in the Gulf of Thailand is Ko Phanghan.

This is where the best known party in all of Southeast Asia takes place: the full moon party.

Every month, thousands of backpackers arrive on the island during the days before the full moon. The big party is celebrated on the small beach of Hat Rin, just over a kilometer long. That night the whole beach is an endless bar where alcohol and food are sold to party lovers.

Techno music, platforms, shows with fire, love - and if you are lucky, stars - fleeting, much debauchery and good vibes in a night that becomes a day without anyone moving from there.

But when you have passed the hangover, I advise you to rent a motorcycle and discover the great beauty that the island of Ko Phanghan treasures. The quietest and most secluded beaches are in its northern part, where, in addition, the accommodation - being away from urban centers and the beach of Hat Rin - shows here a better quality / price ratio.

Small solitary coves, leafy jungles, freshwater waterfalls and Buddhist temples are just some of the attractions you will find on your excursion.

Ko Tao

You go diving and you find this ...

The island of Ko Tao is the smallest of the three that the ferry arrives at.

Although its beaches are beautiful, there is a main reason why many travelers choose Ko Tao over their two sisters. And is that The waters that surround this island are among the best in which you can dive in Thailand.

There are many backpackers who take advantage of the super competitive prices of initiatory diving courses to get here the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) license. Then they will use it to dive in other destinations - being the australian coral reef the most requested - of his long journey through this area of ​​the world.

The nightlife is also lively in Ko Tao, so that life on this island is reduced to diving, watching sunsets and having a few beers or cocktails until they close the beach bar. Plan that is not bad for a long-awaited vacation.

The best islands of the Andaman Sea

How to get to the islands of the Andaman Sea

If you leave from Bangkok, again the most common way to get to these islands is by taking a bus or van that, during the night, takes you to the town of Krabi From here come several daily boats - both private boats and large ferries - bound for Ko Lanta and Ko Phi Phi.

Further north, almost on the border with Myanmar, is the population of Ranong, from where to take a small boat to the island of Ko Phayam

The little jewel of Ko Lipe is to the south and to get there you have to take a boat in Satun, a town near the border with Malaysia.

Ko Phi Phi