The Albacete Fair begins


With my friends from Albacete and some more who will be my hosts at the Feria de Albacete 2012

If, like me, you like the party more than a monkey a mirror, from tomorrow you have an appointment with the Albacete Fair.

From September 7 to 17 (this year the fairgrounds will also be open on Sunday 18th) The festival dedicated to the Virgin of the Plains takes place in Albacete.

The big parties that I know of Spain are: Feria de Sevilla, Fallas de Valencia, San Fermín in Pamplona, ​​San Isidro in Madrid, Bonfires of Alicante, the fiestas of Gracia in Barcelona, ​​the crosses of May in Granada and the Feria de Albacete. For me Albacete takes the silver medal of all of them. Gold, obviously, is for the Bonfires of Alicante.

The Fair is actually the Hombre de Hierro of the March. Now that has become so fashionable the running and people run half marathons like someone who goes down to the supermarket to buy the bread - I think they are secretly preparing to run out of the country when the moment of total sinking comes - I propose, what a little red demon that appears whispering in your left ear, that you leave a little - or a lot - of your health in some of the 10 intense days in which Albacete It becomes a minefield for Mormons: alcohol, music, fleeting love, high cholesterol food and general spread.

I, as a good preacher, will return, this same Sunday, to that place of La Mancha whose name I cannot - nor do I want to forget.

The Albacete Fair has been declared of International Tourist Interest and the fairground was built, in its current location, in 1783. However, to find the origin of this holiday dedicated to the Virgin of the Plains we have to go back to the beginning of the 13th century.

This year everything starts tomorrow and will end next sunday 18 of September. From the wisdom that I have acquired from my extensive experience as a trader, I advise you to visit the Fair during the week. You enjoy the fair environment more during those days when you are not devoured by the flood of people who have spent their work week thinking about how the Fair will sweep the moment they arrive.

Bearing in mind that my train from Alicante will make its entrance via track 3 at Albacete station at 13.35 on Sunday 11, I can get an idea of ​​what awaits me.

My friends will pick me up - if not, I kill them - from the station to take me to eat some good tapas at the fairgrounds. Corns, pig's trotters, oxtail, fried sausages, morcillita manchega ... In general, all those things that I rarely recommend in the morning health programs that that old man wore in the 1. Luckily a good beer or wine will help me that all of that can lower me to the feet ... At some point in the next 8 days.

It will be time to catch up with friends that I see less than I would like.

The afternoon will be spent between tents and a bar in the walking area.

We will stop along the way for dinner. Maybe they'll take me back to the fairgrounds or choose to get away from the bustle a little and eat something at a friend's house while we watch a couple of hours of the program To know and to win by Jordi Hurtado at 2 and memorize the answers. I think the first option is much more feasible.

When we have replaced some energy we will launch at night how children do it to ball pools or politicians about foreign money. Maybe more like the seconds, which put a lot more fierceness.

Last time we were dancing in the bar area to go down to the Fair at about 4 in the morning and continue there until dawn.

Then I managed to escape without my friends noticing and I went to Alfonso's house to sleep for a couple of hours. That was the time it took to realize my fault and organize the raid to find me and take me back to them.

I still remember how Alfon and Rodri pulled me while I resisted clutching the mattress. In the end, with the mattress on the floor, I surrendered and dressed again so that the three of us were - mounted on a moped - to run the heifer in the bullring.

Before my manifest lightness they took me to recover energy after so much wiggling and I found myself eating another plate of calluses at 12 noon.

I returned home without being half a person.

This year, with the maturity of 39 and a well-established head, I am sure that none of these situations will be repeated. Said by me, you may not believe it ... Too bad, I will have to hire some Spanish politician: real experts in casting big lies to the people who listen to them.

Anyway, I want to emphasize that the Fair can be enjoyed in many different ways. During these 10 days there are concerts, parades, cultural events, flower offerings, sports championships, etc. There is something for each person, regardless of age or type of activity you like.

I tell you when I return. Or better, come all to the fair!

Website of the Albacete Fair: Albacete Fair.