Practical advice for traveling in Mozambique


The beautiful landscape of Bazaruto in Mozambique

When I was taking the plane that would take me from Madrid to Cape Town in South Africa just a year ago, I had no idea that the South African country that was going to catch me would be Mozambique. I didn't even enter my itinerary. But such are backpack trips where you have time but not a defined route. In the end you meet people who inspire you with their stories and end up going where your sense of adventure dictates.

Here I leave you some tips that may make your trip through Mozambique a little easierl:


It is necessary for almost all nationalities.

Although I imagine that it can be managed in advance in Spain nothing happens if you leave it for the last minute as I did. In the South African city of Nelspruit - near the border and one of the entrances to the famous Kruger Park - there is a Mozambican diplomatic office and they did it in 24 hours.

The price I paid for the single entry visa was 600 ZAR (Rands), about 55 euros at the change in 2013. The two tickets cost 900 ZAR.

They will staple your passport and you must remember that You ALWAYS have to take it with you. If it is not the original passport and visa, it must be a certified copy. I, to avoid the bureaucratic heaviness of having to certify the copy, always carried the original. The police stopped me more than a dozen times to check my papers.

Children of the mountains of Gurue, Mozambique


The currency of Mozambique is the Metall (Meticais in the plural).

The first city I came to in the country was Maputo, where I had no problem changing Euros or finding ATMs where I could get a debit card. The exchange rate you will get at the exchange houses will always be better that the one applied by your banks when taking money from the cashier.

It never hurts to carry a reserve of euros on top for an emergency.

In the southern part of the country or big cities like Tete or Nampula in the north, you will find ATMs (not many either) but, in many of them, they only accept Visa and not MasterCard.

It is convenient that you calculate how much you are going to spend in rural or beach areas before leaving the nearest urban center and travel with the amount in cash because, probably, you cannot get money wherever you go.


Riding a truck in northern Mozambique